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IL 2022 у NewStaff: огляд року

IL 2022 у NewStaff: огляд року


    The Difference between Outsourcing and Outstaffing

    People often assume Outsourcing and Outstaffing are the same things, but they are not.

    Software Development Outsourcing refers to a model where a company hires workers from another company to get specific tasks done. The IT industry can be developing an app, a website, software product, etc. Often, Outsourcing means that the contractor will carry out the entire scope of work and not just one or two tasks. For instance, if you want to develop a mobile app, they will deal with everything, from technical requirements to maintenance and final checks.

    If you choose to outsource, you will get a project manager assigned to your project. They will interact with you and also handle the entire team.

    On the contrary, Outstaffing is a type of model in which a third-party worker or a team performs your work. The third party is officially employed by another company but performs the work for you. In Outstaffing, the customers control the entire scope of work, and they have direct access to the outsourced team. When you outsource, you have to manage the hired team and your own; however, the Outstaffing team will handle the payroll. This approach works best when you already have a development team but lack some expertise required for a particular project.

    Outsourcing vs. Outstaffing: Looking for the Best Fit

    There is no one-size-fits-all, and no one can tell you what to opt for. Every situation is unique and requires consideration. To develop the best fit, you need first to evaluate the available resources at your disposal.

    If you don’t have a software department in your company and have enough funds to accomplish your project, Outsourcing is the option for you. On the contrary, your team doesn’t have enough strength, and you can seamlessly manage a third-party team and yours to complete a project, outstaffing is the best choice for you.

    When deciding between Outsourcing and outstaffing, you need to be aware of the general principles on which the models work.

    How does Outsourcing work?

    When you are required to build cooperation with your outsourcer, a universal algorithm is followed.

    • Draft and allocate the required budget.
    • Look for an experienced and competent outsourcer.
    • They will need a product requirements document that encompasses all priorities concerning your needs.
    • You will have to brief the outsourcer about your requirements and the details of the project.
    • You should schedule regular meetings with the team working on your project to know the progress made and discuss the modifications that may arise.
    • In the end, you will have to evaluate the results and give feedback on the services availed.